Rammer vibrating compactor launched in South Africa

Dec. 19, 2006 – Rammers are used in all aspects relating to building and construction industry as well as trench compaction for the laying of pipelines and are exposed to heavy-duty use. Ground is compacted prior to construction in order for it not to sink when it rains, causing (for example) sinkholes in the case of road construction or cracks in swimming pools.

In South Africa, due to our dry and dusty conditions, more than anywhere else in the world rammers is pushed to their limits, resulting in quality being one of the major concerns when construction companies consider the use of a rammer whether it is rented or purchased.

The demands construction companies place on rammers are high as these machines are constantly in contact with dirt, asphalt mix and gravel with wear and tear as the main reason for equipment failure.

The main problem construction workers face when using rammers is engine failure. As a result Meiwa´s 70kg rammers are equipped with Robin Subaru EH12 2.6 KW 4 stroke engines providing users with optimum performance.

Another requirement for high quality rammers is the use of quality filters. Quality filters will prevent dust and other particles in the fuel from passing into the carburetor, causing damage to the cylinder wall as these particles are ignited with the fuel by the spark plug, scarring the cylinder wall. Scarring results in a loss of compression, which cause the rammer not to function at all after a while. Traditionally construction workers replaced the filters on a regular basis in order to prevent particles passing into the carburetor.

Meiwa Japan took this maintenance issue into consideration during the design of their rammers and equipped the Meiwa rammer range with a dual element filtration system comprising of a pre-air cleaner assay with a bigger micron capacity in order to remove the bigger dust particles and then a second filter to remove any particles that may pass through the first filter. This results in more operating hours between filter changes with less downtime on the rammer for maintenance, less maintenance costs and a longer service life.

The Meiwa Rammers also works off a Direct Drive via a centrifugal clutch with oil-bath lubrication. Oil-bath lubrication in simple terms takes place where the oil level takes care of lubrication of the moving parts, i.e. the moving parts are partially submerged in the oil. This will extend the life of moving parts hence extends the service intervals, resulting in reduced maintenance costs.

“At Goscor engines, quality products and service solutions are one of our top priorities. With a full back of spares on the Rammer unit as well as being the sole distributor for Robin in SA we are able to offer you piece of mind service. Meiwa is also one of the top three construction equipment manufacturers in Japan assuring quality as their top priority – with the same priorities the Meiwa-Goscor Engines team offers quality products, service excellence and complete service solutions to construction companies and contractors.” Says Justin Kitson, Manager at Goscor Engines & Forestry.

The media, construction and building companies and contractors are invited to visit www.engines-forestry.co.za for further details.

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