RapideL Authoring Workflow Framework: Complexity OUT, Simplicity IN

Nov. 14, 2006 – Managing multiple customized content authoring projects is no more complex now. Brainvisa makes authoring teams and management smile at 3 Corporate Customers based at USA.
The RapideL Workflow successfully takes charge at 3 large US corporate giants, enabling them to migrate to workflow based courseware development methodology. These workflows have been customized to maximize the effectiveness of their training development team making use of their existing templates and processes.

RapideL has emerged as a workflow based content authoring solution that enables rapid development of eLearning in Flash. It is uses the familiar and user friendly MS Word as its authoring environment. RapideL comes with a library of instructionally sound templates. The RapideL workflow can be customized to suit specific requirements in terms of quality, integration and processes.
“Our studies have made us understand that the training development processes and methodologies for each client are unique and most of the times are clearly defined. Each client has their templates which need to be reused. Additionally development of eLearning components like storyboarding, development of graphics, content, audio and video are independent processes. RapideL Workflow Solution Framework is designed and developed keeping this challenge in mind. Our Workflow consultants study these processes and build a consolidated workflow thereby enhancing the productivity, efficiency and learning value of the end product. It maximizes the effectiveness of your own processes and eLearning assets. RapideL is flexible enough to meet customized eLearning development requirements. After successfully implementing customized workflow solutions around RapideL, we are confident enough about its flexibility and scalability. The customer response have been fabulous so far and I am happy to share that RapideL is among the top 3 authoring solutions and No. 1 customized workflow solutions, in the mind of our customers. In fact I would love to see an authoring development process (other than where we have implemented RapideL) where we can enhance the productivity by double digit” says Harish Satti, Vice President – Learning Services and Solutions.
The RapideL custom workflows involves a complete authoring framework solution using which the training development team can generate engaging flash based courseware specific to their requirements such as flash engines (templates), players, and so on.
More than 100 Flash Engines (Templates) and a couple of players were developed and integrated with the RapideL Workflow for these clients. These workflows provide for efficient courseware development whilst making the flash output components reusable. This has enabled Brainvisa’s clients to focus on the instruction design pedagogy and content to be delivered which includes graphics, audio and storyboarding which the workflow supports.

“Once an authoring environment is in place, the workflow structure simplifies the development process and makes multiple courseware projects, manageable. A centralized repository for storyboards along with all assets makes for an inbuilt content management system. The preview and review functionalities provided by the framework also help in enhancing the productivity. The end result is faster development, higher learning value, reduced time to market and quick ROI. This will certainly give competitive edge to our customers and partners”, concludes Regy Pillai, Product Manager, RapideL.

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