REACH Technologies showcases products at Zak Garmentech India 2006 Mumbai India

Nov. 17, 2006 – REACH Technologies will be participating in the Zak Garmentech India 2006 trade fair to be held from 16 – 19 November.

It is planned as an international trade show for the Indian market as well as the neighbouring countries, attracting International Exhibitors of CAD, Sewing, Finishing, Embroidery Machinery, Machinery of every aspect, contracting, and sourcing companies for fabric and sewn products manufacturing.

The various participants in this trade fair are manufacturers of Apparel / Non Apparel items in the sewn products & related machinery as well as sewing contractors / retailers in India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal & Neighboring countries.

REACH Tech will showcase its entire solution suite for the soft goods value chain including its latest products to a market which is receptive to new technology and to an industry which is modernizing to face the challenges posed by the post-quota era.

It includes its industry standard applications like REACH CAD solution, REACH Fashion Studio, REACH Cut Planner and REACH Merchandising Manager. REACH would also showcase its ERP solution built on Microsoft Dynamics platform for the apparel and textile vertical.

REACH Tech’s participation in this event is an attempt to reaffirm its commitment to revolutionize the Soft Goods industry by IT usage that has traditionally seen very low levels of IT penetration.

With most of the manufacturing shifting to Asia, there has never been a greater need for close collaboration between the Brands / Retailers / Designers and their upstream channel partners.

Rapidly changing customer preferences, fickle nature of fashion trends and geographical separation between the supply chain partners call for faster sourcing / manufacturing lead times so that the retailers are able to meet the ever widening demand-supply gap.

It is a well established fact that other industries went through a similar phase and adopted IT to realize time and cost savings and thus improved performance year after year because of its efficiency and cost effectiveness.

The success story of Indian IT has become a cliché and the time has never been ripe enough for the apparel industry to embrace IT wholeheartedly and reap the subsequent benefits.

REACH Tech’s mandate is to enable this transition of the entire apparel value chain and seamlessly integrate all supply chain partners.

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