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Nov. 24, 2006 – India is the land of enchantment! Visitors return home charmed, determined to return to India and own property here, be it a farm, a bungalow, a small cottage in the countryside or a flat in the suburbs. Natives aspire to have a piece of this land to their name, to build their dream house or set up shop. Investors all over the world want to Invest in Indian real estate and are constantly on the lookout for efficient managers to manage their properties in India.

There are so many properties to buy and sell, rent and lease and build your own office or house. With Real Estate in India growing by leaps and bounds, there has also arisen the requirement of a resource, where the real Estate Industry is represented in all its glory. The need of the day is a one stop resource where buyers, sellers, builders, financiers, property managers and service providers, architects, estate agents, contractors and brokers can exchange information, speedily, efficiently and economically. Moreover, a forum dedicated to property news and exchange of ideas is in order. The long wait comes to an end with populating the void. Besides other things, it is the online property market where property of any kind can be bought and sold, anywhere and everywhere in India.

India Real estate Wiki is the internet portal committed to fulfilling every requirement of every consumer while providing India Real Estate a representative platform where professionals and clients may interact, ask questions, get answers, advertise property, search for the right property, and the right buyers. is out to revolutionize the concept of buying and selling of Real Estate.

The Real Estate Industry in India is booming! Be a part of this explosive growth with

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