Realty Broker Office Commission Change Improves Recruitment

Dec. 22, 2006 – Arcadia, CA – December 26, 2006: There are lots of commission schedules, splits and fees shared between brokers and agents. Brokers are now starting to take advantage of commission automation to improve their agent recruitment goals.

Using special automation built into the Realty Broker Office software, real estate brokers and managers are finding profits and new ways to recruit agents with customizing and resetting commissions based on the transaction deal itself.

“Result-Added commission is a phrase we started using when talking with our clients”, states Pat Amos, President of Technology Mix, the creators of the Realty Broker Office software. “We were looking for ways to help our clients communicate their technology value to their current and potential agents. One of the things that stood out was the software’s capability to change commission schedules, fees, and splits on the fly. With this Brokers could say that by working with us, you can earn commission–plus.”

With homes taking longer to sell and requiring more marketing resources, getting a “result-added” commission could just prove to be the next thing in agent recruitment.

More information on commission and recruitment can be found on the company’s website at and by calling Technology Mix at (866) 459-4597 x252.

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