Realty Broker Office Showcases 80 Benefits

Dec. 8, 2006 – Arcadia, CA – December 12, 2006: With the changes in the real estate market, real estate brokers are increasing their roster of buyers and sellers by adopting solutions that automate their business and marketing functions.

This year with over eighty (80) new components added to the Realty Broker Office software, we are proud to announce that Technology Mix is the leader in providing automated real estate software solutions. Some of the new 2006 RBO features include:

1. Referrals Management
2. Recurring Fees
3. Domain Branding
4. 3rd Party Access
5. Seller Status Notification
6. Electronic Documents
7. Post Transaction Marketing

complete list is online:

“We’ve had a great time this year talking with people in the industry and developing niche features that have giving our clients an added advantage”, states Pat Amos, President of Technology Mix, the creators of the Realty Broker Office software. “We have a committed responsibility to our clients to provide technology that helps get them new business, and we love doing what we do.”

More information about the 2006 RBO Year in Review can be found on the company’s website at and by calling Technology Mix at (866) 459-4597 x252.

About Technology Mix, Inc. – Technology Mix is the leader in internet real estate software; headquartered in Arcadia, California. Real estate software solutions provided by Technology Mix include Realty Broker Office, RBO Commercial, RBO Rental, RBO Residential, and RBO Land. Technology Mix delivers it client-driven real estate software solutions through strategic alliances, internet and a direct sales force. For more information, visit

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