Realty Broker Office Using New Style Referrals

Nov. 10, 2006 – Arcadia, CA – November 14, 2006: How many referrals did you receive this year? If you are not quite sure of the exact number, then you may have already decreased your potential referrals for next year. The New Style Referrals in Realty Broker Office is helping brokers to increase referrals and sales.

Knowing who gave you the referral and when it was given, lets you timely communicate your sales message and avoid over exposure. The New Style Referrals feature handles tracking referrals given, received, agent, company, and related referral fees.

“Referral Management is a key aspect of growing both your prospects and sales base”, states Pat Amos, President of Technology Mix, the creators of the Realty Broker Office software. “Our clients love how we’ve made it easy for them to take on the task of managing their referrals. Being able to review all of the vital referral information has been key in understanding how to leverage each referral.”

With the current industry changes, New Style Referral offers a new approach for maximizing all referrals, including referral you give to others. One of the advantages is that you can identify your top sources of referrals and properly nurture them for repeat business for a long period of time.

More information about New Style Referral can be found on the company’s website at and by calling Technology Mix at (866) 459-4597 x252.

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