Red Man's View, the Remake of a 100 Year Old Native American Film

Red Man’s View, the unique controversial and historic film is in the works that tells the truth about Native American people and their history.

Los Angeles, CA, August 03, 2015 –(– – “Red Man’s View” was a Native American silent film written and produced in 1909 about the plight of Native Americans whose land was taken in the nineteenth century. Now producer Thomas R. Bond, II along with Magic Introduction Co. is in the works with a remake of this historic film to be filmed in Montana, with Michael Spears (Dances with Wolves, Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee), Saginaw Grant (The Lone Ranger), Billy Drago (The Untouchables, The Hills Have Eyes), and Booboo Stewart (X-Men Days of Future Past, The Twilight Saga) starring.

The newer “Red Man’s View” goes much further than its predecessor did, showing the disenfranchised band of Shoshone caught in the midst of the American civil war, the attempted extermination of Native Americans, and bringing to light much of the Native American history that has been ignored for so many years.

Bond said, “The few Native American films made have so little to do with history or the truth about it, or focusing on actual Native Americans. This film will be controversial, for it is historically correct, and depicts an entire Native civilization at the end of an era.” Bond also is very proud of showing Native Americans as “People.” This is something everyone can relate to; family, hardships, and strength in adverse times.
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Red Man’s View cast – L to R: Michael Spears (Silver Eagle), Saginaw Grant (Chief Great Eagle), and Booboo Stewart (Miakoda).
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