Reggae princess Omeil coming hot with ‘Lava Lady’

Dec. 14, 2006 – She made a big impact about two years ago with ‘Hot Gal’ and then faded away.
With a very mature smile, Omeil shed some light on her absence. “I was not very mature about the business, and because of school I never had as much time. But right now I’m all fired up, we a push the fire big time with ‘Lava Lady’. We are working towards launching big time,” she quipped.
Omeil will be releasing a new single ‘Tiny’ and is also very busy right now working on her album ‘Lava Lady’, which is to be released next year.
Omeil’s upcoming sophomore album is set to be one of the fiery projects out of Jamaica. Her first single ‘Real Hot Girls’ is a follow up from her debut single ‘Hot Girls’. The new single features a mixture of Reggae, R&B and hip-hop. Omeil teamed up with all ladies – Teste, who is now signed by Mr. Middleton label, Promise Communication, and T-Huny, who is now considered the hottest upcoming female rapper from the East Coast. With many eyes and ears for what Omeil will deliver after three years of silence, she said, “I am going to come with it for sure.”
Kadion ‘Omeil’ Lewis, better known as Omeil the “Lava Lady”, hails from Kingston, Jamaica. She is no stranger to the music business having released her single ‘Fret’ that gained tremendous radio ads which led to the Billboard compilation appearance of her single ‘Hot Girls’ featured on her debut album ‘Reggae Sweetheart’.
‘Lava Lady’ will be released early next year. But in the meantime look out for the upcoming single and her guest appearance on ‘Attention Is Demanded Sometimes’, an album of which 25% of all profit is being donated to educate youths about HIV/AIDS. The songs featured on this release are ‘Don’t Test Me’ on a rock, hip-hop, reggae beat and her song ‘Strive’ which is currently gaining strong radio play adds.
The New Year is looking bright for Omeil as she will kick off 2007 with a live performance on BET 106 & Park doing the featured single ‘Real Hot Girlz’.
Expect her to deliver a true performance. The new single was produced by Eric James and Aaron Kelley and C0- Produce by David Mcfarlane for Quest Recordings studio Jamaica.

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