Remove Excess Skin After Weight Loss Advises Eternity

When individuals go through drastic weight loss in Dubai their skin sags and is loose, body contouring is a great option that makes sure the right places are trim and trendy.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, May 07, 2015 –(– Body contouring in Dubai following weight-loss can be beneficial in the long run as there are many benefits that can be derived for a better quality of life as well as general well-being, reports an official of the Eternity Medicine Institute in Dubai.

“We have found that there is an improvement in the quality of life in post-weight loss patients after weight loss surgery,” concludes the plastic surgery in Dubai. “This goes to say that the importance of including reconstructive surgery as an important element in the surgical treatment of obesity rather than an afterthought.” Dr. Ahmed Abdullah said. Body contouring refers to a variety of plastic surgery procedures that are carried out to remove excess fat and skin after an individual goes through significant weight loss.

Eternal Beauty at the Eternity Medicine Institute is managed by Dr. Ahmed Abdullah and his team. He is an internationally celebrated plastic/cosmetic surgeon. Dr Abdullah has over 27 years of experience as a plastic surgeon and has performed over 6,000 surgical procedures and has accumulated more than 16,000 hours in the operating room.

The experts at Eternity Medicine Institute evaluated the quality of life in many patients who underwent body contouring after weight loss surgery. The most common type of surgery that individuals opted for, are abdominoplasty or a tummy tuck, and breast surgery. Many patients showed moderate to large, sustained improvement in their quality of life after having body contouring and while others who gained weight after body contouring surgery had a much lower quality of life. There were also many who improved their quality of life drastically after body contouring surgery and went on to enjoy their lives socially, physically and mentally.

Weight loss surgery produces sustained weight loss in patients who are undergoing severe obesity. However, many patients who come to a point where they undergo a drastic weight loss, due to a nutrition analysis will have to deal with loose, sagging or overhanging skin. This leads to feelings of dissatisfaction with the results of Bariatric surgery, as well as mental, social and physical problems.

There are naysayers as well as those who are happy with the improved quality of life that body contouring after Bariatric or weight loss surgery, has to offer. “This is an ongoing debate, body contouring surgery is optional or essential after severe weight loss” says Dr Abdullah. However, there is new research that goes on to say that there are significant and lasting improvements in quality of life of patients who have body contouring after Bariatric surgery. “It’s how you look at it, how realistic your expectations are and how happy you are with the improvements. This can lead to success of any type of plastic surgery not just body contouring following weigh loss,” said Dr. Abdullah.

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