Renzoo Launch Set To Bridge The Email Mobility Gap

Nov. 13, 2006 – London, UK, November 13th, 2006.

Renzoo delivers affordable message mobility to users requiring relatively low mobile email usage when the high costs of Blackberry® like solutions are not justifiable.

Renzoo is for people on the go who need to know about an incoming email or voicemail instantly. Renzoo is, also, useful for the occasional email user who doesn’t check their email frequently or who doesn’t have everyday access to the Internet.

How does Renzoo work?

· Collecting emails from any email accounts the user might have such as Renzoo, Gmail™, Yahoo®, etc. into a single inbox

· Notifying the user when an important email arrives in their inbox by sending a text message alert to their mobile phone

· The user can then, decide to read that email, instantly, on their mobile; they can reply to it or forward it from their mobile, too

· Renzoo’s mobile email supports viewing popular email attachments including MS Office, PDF and popular audio and image formats.

The attractiveness of Renzoo is enhanced by the fact that it works with any ordinary WAP-enabled mobile phone, without the need for downloading software, configuring the user’s existing mobile device or keeping a PC running. Renzoo is available in Public Beta at

What else does Renzoo offer?

Although Renzoo can be used as an add-on to existing email solutions, without any need to change the users’ habits or to learn new technologies; Renzoo allows sending emails, music and pictures directly to friends’ and associates’ mobiles. It also comes with a built-in voicemail system where all user’s voice messages from landlines, mobiles and PC phones, such as Skype™, can be accessed and listened to through the web or any telephone, including being forwarded to another email address.

Renzoo is offered as a FREE service and it comes with 200 FREE credits (£2 worth) when signed up. The Premium package costs £6 per month, comes with 5GB of storage and 1000 credits which is equivalent of receiving 100 mobile alerts.

About Renzoo

Renzoo has created a web service application that simplifies the management of one’s day to day communication by making it available while on the move through the Web or on any mobile phone.

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