Retin-A: Blessing for Acne Affected Individuals

Nov. 28, 2006 – Acne can be quite a nuisance, and if not dealt with properly it can even disfigure your skin. If you are among one of those who are dealing with acne, it’s time to find a solution. Acne has no known cure, but the good news is that it is treatable. An assortment of topical treatments are available for acne. Amongst these, Retin-A has fetched a name for itself. It is primarily a derivative of retinoid or Vitamin-A.

Dr. Lauren Carwin, head of the research department at Online Skin Care Tips comments, “Retin-A has proven to be a blessing for individuals who have been for long troubled by acne”. Retin- A works by unplugging the acne follicles henceforth bringing the comedones (pimples) on the surface if the skin. Due to this reason your acne might look worsened. In this way, usage of Retin-A treats acne.

Peeling, redness, stinging are a few side effects you may encounter with usage of Retin-A. These side effects subside after your skin gets adjusted to the medication. It is advisable to ask for medical help incase these side effects become bothersome. Sensitivity to sun can be increased due to application of Retin-A medication. A prior consultation with your doctor is suggested; when you decide to go ahead with Retin-A medication.

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