Retin A works to Manage Acne, Wrinkles and other Skin Condition

Dec. 27, 2006 – Retin A is the best treatment to manage Acne, Wrinkles and many other skin conditions said, Health specialist Mr. Gomes. Acne problem is seen most commonly in the country like USA. Here take a look the signs of Acne and how Retin A works on it.

The Signs of Acne:

1) Whitehead
2) Blackhead
3) Pimples
4) Cysts

Number of things can result in Acne problem but there are three main causes:

1) Irregular shedding of dead skin cells which causes irritation of hair follicles
2) Over production of oil
3) Bacteria buildup.
4) Unwanted sunrays

Risk factor involved in using Retin A:

1) Pregnant lady (The ingredient can be harmful to your baby).
2) Woman’s and girl use it 2 or 7 days before your periods.
3) Acne problem is most common in teenagers both boys and girls.
4) Exposing your skin to greasy and oily substance.
5) Any family history of acne.
6) Any friction or pressure on the skin.
7) People using any other medications.

How to get a proper and permanent treatment on Acne problem:

There are numbers of treatment on Acne problem and lot of claims out to be best, some might even be true, but there is scientific proof for Retin A. Retin A product is been around for 25 years and is proven to improve skin tone, lessen wrinkles and get rid of brown spots. Retin A can even lower your risk of skin cancer.

Retin-A is a brand name for the ingredient tretinoin, part of a family of related products known as retinoids. It is not itself an ingredient. The ingredient takes about 8 weeks to get the anti-aging effect and works on the collagen that is deep under the skin to make it stronger. Dr. James suggests buying inexpensive brands because the higher cost will not mean better result.

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