Revolutionary New Jobs Internet Search Engine Is Launching In April

March 28, 2007 –
Thousands of Top Banana Jobs released don’t slip up join the bunch see what it’s like to be a top banana.
The revolutionary new jobs internet search engine is launching today. Using some of the latest technologies the sites unique positioning is simply to make it easy for job seekers the find the job they are looking for.
Job seekers are able to search for jobs by job type, salary band and location
But with so many other sites already out there what is going to make so different?
A spokes person from the company said…. “Our aim is to help the job seeker to find what they are looking for, quickly, we don’t want them to have to search hundreds of sites, and we want to make it easy!”
“In our first month going live we expect to have approximately 70,000 up to date jobs available with at least 100,000 visitors, this will grow rapidly to 100,000+ Jobs “
Subscriptions for advertisers start at just £200 per month. This allows advertisers to place up to 50 advertisements over the space of a month, at just £4 per job.
“We believe we have a great combination, we are easy to use, have masses of relevant content, and we are priced to win.”

— End —