REVOLVER SPIN a hilarious comedy success!

Dec. 11, 2006 – The story follows the life of two time Russian roulette world champion Justin Hosey and his dilemma of whether or not a three-peat in his art is worth giving up his family. Fast paced action inter-spaced with outrageous comedy keeps viewers glued to their seats as Justin (Adam Glasser) takes up the challenge of whether or not to defend his title as the Grand Master of Russian Roulette.

Another by award winning writer and director, G.R. Claveria, “Revolver Spin” stars ADAM GLASSER as Justin Hosey the world’s champion of Russian Roulette, G.R. CLAVERIA as Vu Do… an Asian answer to Johnny Knoxville, WILL FAEBER as challenger Aleksander Makhailov, ERIN LEAR as love interest Polina Makhailov, SCOTT MCDANIEL as Sammy, CARLO MONIDO JR. as Bong Duyag, JENNIFER HODEL as the Sexy American Girl, MICHAEL Q. SCHMIDT as Tabachoy… the butt of Vu Du’s humor, GARY HALSTEN as the Russian Roulette Commissioner, and NAUTICA THORNE as Kiki. Bringing many of this delightful assemble cast over from his critically acclaimed “A Study In The Orientation Of Han Sum”, G.R. Claveria has brought together an amazing cast, well in tune with the dark humor of his film.

Selected for inclusion at the 2007 Montana Independent Film Festival, “Revolver Spin” may promise Claveria yet one more award. Leon L. King gives this film “2 thumbs up”.

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