Rich Dobry Named CEO of The Signature Group, Inc.

A new CEO appointment comes from within The Signature Group, allowing for a seamless transition. Current COO Rich Dobry, who joined TSG in 2004, took the reins in early June. Michael Perdue, the former CEO, decided to step aside in order to focus on “big think” and the forward direction of TSG as the new Chief Strategic Officer.
Mr. Dobry has been part of the TSG team for 11 years and has held multiple positions within TSG from Director of Architecture and Engineering, Vice President of Commercial Markets, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, before being promoted to Chief Executive Officer. During that time, Rich Dobry has grown numerous departments of the company while providing excellent managerial leadership and direction for all facets of TSG.
Mr. Dobry is an accomplished leader, with a track record of working with other Information Technology companies prior to joining TSG. He brings a great mix of leadership, inspiration, operational experience, technical breadth, and passion for client and employee satisfaction.
“I am honored and grateful for the opportunity to lead this exceptional organization of dedicated and talented professionals that have a passion for creating remarkable client experiences,” said Dobry. “I am proud to take the reins from Michael Perdue who has lead TSG for many years and build upon the momentum that Mr. Perdue has achieved in growing TSG.”
”I can think of no one that I trust more than Rich Dobry to take my place as CEO of TSG. His vision and leadership style is second to none. I have known Mr. Dobry for over 11 years and watched him excel at everything he does. I have no doubt that TSG will drive excellence to a new level under his watch,” said Michael Perdue, Chief Strategy Officer and former CEO.
Prior to joining TSG, Mr. Dobry held several key positions, including VP & General Manager for the Maryland division of Expanets, which focused on software development solving clients business needs in the areas of E-Commerce, CRM, Collaboration, Messaging, Workflow, Process Automation and Document Management. After the merger of the Lucent Growing and Emerging Markets (GEM) division, he became Director of Converged Technology for the Mid-Atlantic region of Expanets, growing the data / convergence division and establishing the Cisco IP Telephony focus for Expanets at a time when IPT was still in its infancy. Prior to spending over twenty years in the technology industry, Mr. Dobry received his Bachelor Degree in Computer Engineering from Capital College in Laurel, Maryland.
The Signature Group, Inc. (TSG) is an employee owned IT Cloud and solution company established in 1997 to provide information technology consulting, design, solutions, project management, implementation and 24×7 support services. TSG’s services range from private/public cloud and helpdesk to network management and application performance monitoring and are focused towards clients that use technology to gain a competitive advantage, increase operational efficiency, reduce operational cost, and increase profit.