Rock Band Dream Alive Writes, Records and Self-Produces Sophomore EP in Less Than 4 Weeks

Los Angeles, CA, May 15, 2015 –(– In a surge of creativity, Los Angeles-based rock band Dream Alive wrote, recorded, self-produced and mastered their forthcoming EP, Drifting Away in less than four weeks. The band – Nik Phoeniks (lead vocals / keyboard), Karan Parikh (lead guitar / vocals), Ramon Ryder (rhythm guitar / vocals), Martin Fredriksson (bass) and David Myers (drums – Frank Ocean) –is set to release their new album on June 5th.

After tracking drums and bass at Ultimate Studios in North Hollywood, Dream Alive recorded and self-produced the album at Karan’s ‘K Loft Studios’.

“Those short four weeks gave us the chance for our sound to become really focused and tight. We were influenced by a combination of progressive and melodic hard rock (Pink Floyd, Rush, Black Sabbath, Jethro Tull, The Beatles) but experimented with new sounds inspired by classical and orchestral music, which is revealed in the EP’s raw but epic vibe,” says Nik of the album.

That unbridled fire burns within songs like the title track. Morphing from an entrancing keyboard melody into a bombastic refrain, “Drifting Away” hypnotically captivates for over six minutes. It also encapsulates the collection’s temporal theme that time is fleeting, and constantly looking back makes you lose the time you had. “Time To Go” blends a thick riff with a soaring refrain and ponderous lyrics before “What We Are Looking For” drifts to the heavens with piano lull and guitar wail. “War In The Sky” takes flight on incendiary instrumentation and an equally potent vocal howl.

Guest vocalist SuVi Suresh (known for her work with superstar Indian music producers A.R. Rahman and Illayaraja), provided rich additional harmonies on “War In The Sky.”

Upcoming Dream Alive shows:
5/16 Las Vegas, NV @ Backstage Bar & Billiards
6/04 Hollywood, CA @ King King

*More dates to be announced.
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