Roll up! Roll up! and save a packet on Christmas post!

Dec. 1, 2006 – The rush to send Christmas cards and parcels will test the public’s understanding of the new pricing structure introduced by Royal Mail™ in August. But for those who can see through the complexities there may be some hidden presents.

Pricing now takes account of the weight, size and shape of postal items. This makes finding the correct price quite a challenge. If you get it wrong, under-payment may mean delay (and even surcharges) for recipients. Over-payment just wastes money.

But help – and potential savings – are just a click away.

The problem has been ‘sorted’ by a simple computer widget from that makes it easy to find the cheapest postage for any item. This neat little calculator does all the hard work for you, so there’s no need to worry about the new rules.

What’s more it can identify real savings. For instance, using a tube rather than a box can reduce postage costs by almost 80% and get faster delivery for some items! You need good eyesight and a flair for geometry to glean this from the Royal Mail guidance, but all is revealed in ‘helpful hints’ on the website. The Mailcosts calculator makes it easy to find this and other savings. So ‘roll up, roll up’ and save a fortune sending calendars, posters and other stuff in tubes this Christmas!

The original Mailcosts calculator was created to help people with ‘pricing in proportion’, introduced by Royal Mail in August. It proved so popular that a new UK version was released on November 30th, adding more information on next-day delivery and ParcelForce™ services. An International version is under development for release early next year.

A free trial version of the program can be downloaded from the Mailcosts website. At £1.99 the fully functional version of this handy little utility can easily pay for itself in saved Christmas postage costs.

The Mailcosts website, also contains a host of useful tips about getting value from the UK postal system, including a list of ‘last posting dates’ for UK and overseas Christmas mail.

— End —