Romance Expert’s Silver Lining Leads to Book for Dads

Nov. 12, 2006 – Santa Barbara, CA (November 12, 2006) – Seems like everyone’s expecting a baby now: P. Diddy, Matt Lauer, Marica Cross, Tobey Maguire, Heidi Klum and Seal. The list goes on. Pregnancy can take its toll on a couple, and unfortunately, many Hollywood relationships don’t last more than a few years. Whereas, the regular “Joe Public” relationship fairs better with a 50% divorce rate here in the U.S.

Leon Scott Baxter, often called “America’s Romance Guru” has vowed to keep relationships strong and the flame of love burning during pregnancy. Baxter has written a book, A Labor With Love: A Dad’s-to-Be Guide to Romance During Pregnancy.

“Love, romance, and relationships often change during pregnancy,” claims the author. “I know that I was having trouble keeping up with my wife’s constant metamorphoses. I found out later, that many other men experience the same thing.” It’s hard, Baxter says, because most men don’t know what’s going on physically, physiologically or hormonally with their partners.

Baxter interviewed and polled hundreds of new and pregnant moms, as well as expecting and new dads. He learned what works during pregnancy and what doesn’t. Then, he spoke with professionals in the prenatal industry to understand why.

Expecting fathers, here are the top five things to do to keep love fresh during this pregnancy:

5. Take up the slack. The two household chores pregnant Mom says she’d love dad to do are washing the dishes and making dinner.

4. Make time for her. She may be a pregnant woman, but she also wants you to still see her as your sweetheart. Go on dates, take walks together, and get away for a weekend before Baby arrives.

3. Share the pregnancy. Pregnant women feel loved when their partners are a part of the pregnancy. Read the pregnancy books and magazines. Attend doctor visits with her. And, practice your breathing techniques at home.

2. Tell her she’s attractive. This is a big one. Many pregnant women no longer feel beautiful due to all of the changes they go through. So tell her that she is. Take photos of her. When you go out, introduce her as you “beautiful wife”.

1. Touch her! This was the number one response from moms. Touching her releases a chemical in her brain that makes her feel comforted, relaxed and loved. Hold hands. Rub her belly. Massage her shoulders. Wash her hair.

One more for the ladies. Although women get the brunt of the pregnancy, expecting dads need attention and love, too. They can carry an awful lot of fear and stress, not to mention losing all the attention to their partners.

We men thrive on our ego. We love compliments. Tell others, in front of your man, how great he’s been during pregnancy, how’s he’s been helping out, attending classes, letting you sleep in. This will feel great to him. He’ll feel loved and it will probably entice him to continue to help out.

“A strong relationship during pregnancy,” Baxter claims, “leads to a strong family unit after Baby is born. Strong families built on a loving connection between Mom and Dad not only benefit the couple, but the children as well.”

He hopes that expecting fathers will find A Labor With Love a useful tool to help navigate them through the, sometimes rough, waters of a relationship during pregnancy. Additional tips on romance during pregnancy can be found at The book is available on,, and many other online bookstores.


Leon Scott Baxter is a writer and speaker who lives in Santa Barbara, CA with his wife of fourteen years, two daughters, two cats, and two fish. Learn more about Leon Scott Baxter and romance and love at his website ( Leon Scott Baxter is available at 805-570-3213 or

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