Ronin Game Studios Launches New Life Simulation Game Battle for Wall Street

Ronin Game Studios, LLC, the leading provider of Wall Street themed entertainment games, is proud to announce the launch of Battle for Wall Street, a unique Wall Street themed life simulation game and corresponding mobile application. Battle for Wall Street will take users on an unpredictable journey as they try their luck at becoming the next Titan of Wall Street.
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Battle for Wall Street allows players to start their own virtual trading firm, which requires everything from constructing the trading floors and purchasing coffee to hiring and managing the day-traders. As the game incorporates real-time stock market data, players are subject to the ups and downs of the market and will experience the peaks and pitfalls any business leader does.
“Battle for Wall Street is an entertainment platform that allows users to experience the thrills of Wall Street right at their fingertips,” said Harry Temkin, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Ronin Games Studios. “Players will learn how to manage their own firm and employees while following the stock-market in real time.”
Players will begin the game on the lowest trading floor with only two day traders and 50 gold bouillons. Players can then advance through the game by completing different missions and/or making in-app purchases. Through these two options, players can improve the mood of their day traders, make upgrades to their space, move-up floors in the office, and hire more day traders. A large focus of the game is maintaining a day trader’s positive mood, which will result in better trading performance during exchange battles. Day traders with poor moods will perform poorly and eventually quit. Moods can be improved through a variety of ways such as brewing coffee, preparing meals or playing the trading floor jukebox.
“We recognized the popularity of life simulation games and wanted to bring that into an environment as exciting as Wall Street,” stated Stephen Kalayjian, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of Ronin Game Studios.
Battle for Wall Street is available to play on a mobile device or tablet. The game is free to download, though in-app purchases will help maximize player potential and increase the chances of winning the Battle for Wall Street. The game is available for download for both Android and Apple platforms through Google Play and iTunes.
About Ronin Game Studios
Ronin Game Studios, LLC, a subsidiary of KnowVera, LLC, is the leading provider of Wall Street themed entertainment games. It was born of a collaboration between lifelong executive day traders and mobile game developers. Together the group built an entirely new and entertaining way to play the stock market.
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