Sacramento Plumbers at Boyd Plumbing Announce the Launch of their New Website for Plumbing Repair and Sewer Service

Sacramento plumbers at Boyd Plumbing have been providing services for homeowners and commercial businesses for almost 10 years. They are now offering new plumbing service discounts for people hiring a plumber near Sacramento. The new discounts include $25 off of sewer repair and trenchless sewer replacement in Sacramento and surrounding areas. The new coupon is also applicable to hydro-jetting. Hydro-jetting is the process of using a high pressure water jet to cut through any debris that is blocking the sewer pipe. Hydro-jetting can clear large grease clogs, paper products and the water can even cut through tree roots. Boyd Plumbing has technicians that specialize in this type of Sacramento plumbing repair.
“Our Sacramento plumbers can clear any sewer line using our advanced Hydro-jetting equipment. We have a special truck we use for this service and we are now offering $25 off of this sewer cleaning service,” says Michael Boyd, Owner of Boyd Plumbing. In addition to hydro-jetting, Boyd Plumbing is also offering a coupon for $25 off of whole house copper re-piping. This includes both PEX and Copper repiping in Sacramento and surrounding areas.
The Sacramento plumbers at Boyd Plumbing handle complete water line replacement. Copper repiping in Sacramento or PEX re-piping should always be handled by a licensed professional. Any type of fresh water coming into the home from a city connection needs to be done right. “If a DIY homeowner messes up on sweating the pipes or making the proper pipe connections, the result could be catastrophic,” says Mike. “We can handle most PEX or Copper re-piping in Sacramento in just one day.”
In addition to providing sewer cleaning services like hydro-jetting and other plumbing services like whole house re-piping with copper or PEX piping, Boyd Plumbing is also a full service plumber. They offer complete plumbing services and repair. Some of the services they offer include Sacramento drain cleaning, water heater repair, sewer pipe replacement, gas line installation and toilet repair. “There is no Sacramento plumbing problem we can’t handle anywhere in the area,” says Michael Boyd.
To learn more about the Sacramento plumbers at Boyd Plumbing, please visit their website. Homeowners and businesses are also invited to read their press releases and watch their online videos. People are also encouraged to take advantage of the new discount coupons being offered for hydro-jetting and plumbing repair in Sacramento.
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