Saint-Gobain Seals and Saint-Gobain Foams & Tapes to Showcase Sealing and Barrier Solutions with High Performance Materials at ACHEMA 2015

Garden Grove, CA, May 08, 2015 –(– From June 15th to 19th, in Hall 9.0 – Booth #B62, at the ACHEMA Show 2015 in Frankfurt am Main Germany, Saint-Gobain Seals and Saint-Gobain Foams & Tapes will be showcasing their innovative solutions and materials for industrial applications. The ACHEMA show is one of the world’s leading trade fairs that offers a comprehensive overview of new trends and requirements in the chemical and biological industry. Both Saint-Gobain business units are celebrating the 350th anniversary of their parent company based in France.

Saint-Gobain Seals will be featuring several sealing and polymer solutions:

• Marathon® diaphragms
• OmniSeal® spring-energized seals
• Rulon® fluoropolymer compounds
• Meldin® 7000 thermoset polyimide materials
• Meldin® HT thermoplastic materials

The Marathon® diaphragm product is manufactured using premium PTFE or modified PTFE material under Class 10000 cleanroom conditions and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) process.

Saint-Gobain Seals’ OmniSeal® product is a high-performance spring-energized polymer seal capable of handling extreme service conditions. Typically used where ultra-low friction, chemical compatibility and extreme temperature are required, the seals were originally developed to meet critical conditions encountered in turbine engines, rockets and missiles in the aerospace industry, and later developed to serve the most challenging oil and gas applications.

The Rulon® material is a family of proprietary, homogeneous materials mostly of PTFE based resins, engineered and developed with specific custom applications in mind. Primarily used in mechanical, electrical and chemical applications, the Rulon® material withstands a variety of harsh environments such as extreme dryness, cryogenic temperatures, water, steam and hydrocarbon fuel.

The Meldin® 7000 and Meldin® HT product lines consist of the most complete range of thermoset polyimide and engineered thermoplastic materials available on the market today. Some recent application examples include: Meldin® 7000 OmniGasketTM seals for aircraft deicing systems, Meldin® HT seal rings for automotive transmissions and Meldin® 7000 bearings for launch vehicles such as Falcon 9, Altas V and Delta IV.

Saint-Gobain Foams & Tapes have provided practical, cost-effective solutions for more than 50 years for bonding, sealing, acoustical and vibration damping as well as thermal management applications. Their high-performance foam tapes are easy to handle, require virtually no clean-up, and can be evenly and consistently hand-applied or adapted to automated application. Experienced in the Habitat, Automotive, Industrial, Electronics and Energy markets, their team approach to providing solutions for critical applications has resulted in gaining customer confidence. They will be featuring the following barrier solutions at the show:

• Chemfilm® PTFE films
• CHR® adhesive tapes
• FluoroWrap® electrical insulation films

Chemfilm® PTFE films are manufactured in state-of-the-art molding and skiving facilities that allow for the highest quality, tightest tolerances and cleanliness – a requirement for the most demanding applications. Typical applications include pump diaphragms, tank lining, wireless communications, semiconductors, batteries, capacitors, displays and circuit boards.

CHR® pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes are used in virtually every industry. Typical applications include winding, layer and lead insulation, coil covers, bundling, wrapping, banding, isolation and EMI-RFI Shielding.

FluoroWrap® electrical insulation films are characterized by high dielectric strength and chemical resistance, low moisture absorption and resistance to permeability — ideal for electrical insulation. Typical electrical applications are coil winding, wrapping wire harnesses, wire bundles, cable insulation, submersible pump motors, power cables and splicing tapes.

About Saint-Gobain Seals ( and Foams & Tapes (

Saint-Gobain Seals is a strategic business unit under Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics’ Engineered Components SOA (sector of activity); the Foams & Tapes Strategic business unit belongs to the Composites SOA. Their parent company, Saint-Gobain, is one of the world’s top 100 industrial groups. With more than 50 years of manufacturing experience and an established global presence (with strategic sites in Garden Grove, California, and Hoosick Falls, New York, USA; Kontich and Chaineux, Belgium; and Minhang, Shanghai, China), these business units offer a diverse range of innovative sealing, polymer and barrier solutions.

• OmniSeal® Spring–Energized Seals
• OmniLip™ PTFE Rotary Shaft Seals
• Rulon® High-Performance Fluoropolymer Compounds
• Meldin® 7000 Thermoset Polyimide Materials
• Meldin® HT High-Performance Thermoplastic Materials
• Chemfilm® High Performance Films
• CHR® Adhesive Tapes
• Norbond® Foam Bonding Tapes
• FluoroWrap® Electrical Insulation Film
• Norseal® Sealing & Cushioning Foams
• Dynafoam® Foam-In-Place Gasketing
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