Saudisation Slow in Pharmaceutical Sector

Nov. 28, 2006 – Saudi pharma industry is apprehensive of its helplessness to hire competent sales assistants and pharmacists from the Kingdom. The biggest reasons behind this lethargic move in Saudisation include long working-hours, low salaries, and plenty of foreign workers working for less money.

Experts estimate, there’re above 20,000 men & women from adjoining countries who are serving Saudi pharma industry. There’re numerous pharmacies throughout the Kingdom, which could possibly provide job to thousands of Saudis.

Number of Saudi pharmacists making their way into the industry isn’t going to be above 250 in next 3 years. It’s likely that there’ll be total 12,500 Saudis working, in 1445 AH (i.e. Advance Healthcare), in the industry. This number indicates that there’s a need for establishing more pharmaceutical institutions in the country.

Al Nahdi pharmacy group, in the similar context, has entered a deal to support the pharma students at Society College. They, also, intend to reduce foreign workers’ number in the Kingdom, bring the problem of selling unsafe medicines (on black market) to an end, and also to foil the smuggling of such medicines into Saudi.

As per a Research Analyst’s view at RNCOS, who has recently researched a report on “World Pharmaceutical Market (2007)”, “The market for pharmaceuticals is rising at a rapid speed. For competing with other nations, pharmaceutical’s production needs to be augmented in Saudi.”

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