Savanna 4.4 Introduces Application-Wide Enhancements for Improved All-Source Analysis

Enhancements to existing features and performance accelerate discovery and decision-making.

Portland, OR, July 30, 2015 –(– Thetus Corporation announced today the release of Savanna 4.4, an update to its major 4.0 release in 2014. Savanna is a collaborative, all-source analysis platform with an interactive, browser-based workspace that gives you the tools to connect information and create detailed analysis to stay ahead of the curve. Savanna 4.4 focuses on enhancements and improvements to existing features and performance so that you can fully leverage Savanna’s feature set to its best effect. New functionality allows for greater customization and ease-of-use.

“Savanna 4.4 enhances Savanna’s existing suite of tools to better leverage data and visualization capabilities allowing analysts to more efficiently glean a richer understanding from multiple types of data,” said Derek Blum, Senior Director of Products and Services at Thetus Corporation. “I’m excited about the ongoing improvements we’re making to enhance the Savanna experience with more functionality and usability. We will continue to roll out new updates on a regular basis.”

New Savanna 4.4 features include:

Geospatial Occurrence visualization: By combining Occurrences (people, organizations, things, places and events), with Map, users are now able to view geospatial data from one or more Occurrences on a Map to visually compare events and places to find trends.

Customizable styles with Linknet: In Linknet, a tool to convey networks of people, places, events, and things, customizable nodes allow users to change the look and style of a Linknet to easily pinpoint specific nodes or information. Make your point clear and bring life to your link analysis with this customized styling.

Connect and filter events with Timeline: In Timeline, a temporal visualization of Occurrence events, users can filter Timeline data by date and display the connection between events that are common to multiple Occurrences in order to compare and connect events.

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Thetus makes open, standards-based enterprise software that helps people model and analyze complex, real-world situations. Our flagship product, Savanna, is an all-source, anticipatory analysis solution, enabling the full spectrum of analysts to discover, analyze and synthesize information. Savanna allows analysts to easily and intuitively transform data into knowledge, accelerating analysis and improving the decision-making process. Our software is at work in enterprise, local government agencies and the national Intelligence Community.
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