“Save Christmas” Rally Returns to Seattle’s Westlake Park December 9, 2006, at 12:00 Noon.


“Save Christmas” Rally Returns to Seattle December 9, All Invited

“We Must Preserve America’s Christmas Traditions for Our Children” Says Local Organizer Paul Goertz

Seattle, WA – The second annual “Save Christmas” Rally will be held at Seattle’s Westlake Center Park on Saturday, December 9, 2006, at 12:00 Noon. The rallies were started by a local Seattle man, 47-year-old construction worker Paul Goertz. This year’s rally in Seattle will raise awareness and public support for preserving America’s Christmas traditions and “keeping Christ in Christmas.” Goertz is also working to encourage “Save Christmas” rallies in other cities across the country.

“Political correctness is destroying our most cherished Christmas traditions,” says Goertz. “Our children are losing an important part of their American heritage. Unless we do something now, our children will live in a sterile world of ‘holiday’ presents, ‘holiday’ trees, ‘holiday’ cookies, ‘winter’ school concerts, and ‘winter’ school breaks. Last year a local elementary school replaced it’s Christmas tree with a ‘giving’ tree – and then even that was replaced with a ‘giving’ counter! Store clerks were instructed to say ‘happy holidays’ instead of ‘Merry Christmas.’

Goertz is working hard to preserve the Christmas tradition in America. In 2005, he started and organized the ‘Save Christmas’ Rally that drew local public support and some national attention. He plans this year’s rally to be even bigger, with signs, T-shirts, and buttons to help get the word out. His Web site, www.SavingChristmas.org, is a place for people nationwide to learn more about his mission.

“Last year, I was fed up with the assaults on Christmas,” admits Goertz. “This year I am hopeful. So many people have pledged their support!”

Goertz says his mission is simply to preserve the Christmas traditions that have been the hallmarks of American heritage and culture for more than 200 years. He explains: “I want people to use the traditional Christmas greetings of ‘Merry Christmas’ and ‘Peace on Earth and Goodwill Toward Men’. These greetings have always been all-inclusive and non-discriminatory. Americans of all backgrounds and cultures can share these greetings of peace and joy. They are greetings of love – God’s love for every man, woman, and child.”

Goertz has garnered support for his mission from two authors who have written books encouraging traditional values: Brenda Verner, author of “101 Ways to Have a Christian Christmas” (www.tyndale.com), and Michael Class, Seattle author of “Anthony and the Magic Picture Frame” (www.MagicPictureFrame.com).

“Christmas is a federal holiday,” says Class. “Every Christmas, the President of the United States lights the National Christmas Tree on the White House Lawn. Wishing our fellow Americans a Merry Christmas has been a tradition for more than two-hundred years: it’s an inclusive message of God’s love. We must preserve the best of American culture and traditions for our children and grandchildren. We must not forget who we are. I wrote a history book in which my son travels into the past to meet some of America’s heroes. They teach him that the purpose of life is to live a life of purpose, and doing the right thing always matters. Well, Paul Goertz is doing the right thing today. I support Paul’s efforts and the Saving Christmas Rally. I encourage all Americans to join him.”

“Please help us to preserve the meaning and message of Christmas for our children!” says Goertz. “Please join us at the Westlake Park in downtown Seattle at noon on Saturday, December 9th, 2006 for our 2nd annual “Save Christmas” Rally! Let’s sing Christmas carols and wish everyone a Merry Christmas!”

For more information on the “Saving Christmas” Rally, visit the Web site: www.SavingChristmas.org


Contact: Paul Goertz, phone: 425-221-6025, e-mail: paul@savingchristmas.org, web site: www.savingchristmas.org.

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