– Another Sleeping Giant?

Nov. 2, 2006 – When it comes to Internet entrepreneurs, Michael O. Brickell has an amazing ability to take a website from conception to magnificence in a time frame that is unprecedented. Brickell, President and CEO of Media Positive Communications, Inc., made Internet history last year when he masterfully guided the creation of one of the largest, best-ranked and most-visited natural healing schools and holistic websites ever. Now comes an exciting new venture called

Brickell created to be a huge online portal for all types of schools and education. The website lists more than a thousand U.S. and Canadian schools in its directories, including traditional, natural healing, vocational and distance learning schools. A mere six months old, approximately 100 of the 800 plus keywords and keyphrases employed by in its search engiine optimization strategy have already climbed to the top of major search engines such as Yahoo and MSN with Google soon to follow. Consequently, is now poised to break all records for a developing website.

Yes, Brickell’s “baby” is growing by leaps and bounds, climbing the search engine rankings like a bullet, and enlisting more and more schools every day. Due to excellent search engine optimization techniques and strategies employed by Brickell and his creative team, currently boasts nearly 10,000 unique visitors each month, a figure that is unheard of for a relatively new website with virtually zero paid advertising and no help from Google rankings as of this writing. Google, as believed by many SEO experts, employs a waiting period of three months to one year before allowing new sites to rank highly on its search engine. Judging by the brief history of this “Sleeping Giant,”, with its ongoing optimization strategy, will surely exceed all expectations in the coming months to become one of the largest and best ranked hubs on the Internet for schools, colleges, universities and online learning institutions.

An expert at creating and selling huge Internet sites, Brickell said he expects to inspire buyout offers exceeding one-million dollars in the coming months.

Will go on the auction block anytime soon? For now, Brickell is keeping that answer to himself.

For more information about this “Sleeping Giant” visit the SchoolsGalore website at

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