Scotch Plains Author To Appear At Lecture/book Signing For Union Township Active Retirees

Nov. 23, 2006 – New Jersey author Feather Schwartz Foster will present a lecture and sign books at a meeting of the Union Township Active Retirees on Monday, December 11, 2006, at 10 AM. The meeting will be held at the township’s senior center at 968 Bonnel Court, Union, NJ..

Author Foster will be presenting a special program for grandparents! She will be introducing her latest book “T: An Auto-Biography”, with pre-publication copies available for signing/inscription.

“The book is a real auto-biography,” said Foster. “It’s about a Model-T Ford, along the same lines as Black Beauty. It tells of the life and times of the card from it’s ‘birth’ – right off Henry Ford’s assembly line in the early 1920s, through the Roaring Twenties, the Depression, World War II, a stint as a demolition derby car in the 1950s – and beyond.”

“T: An Auto-Biography” is suitable for both boys and girls, ages 8-13, or grades 3-8, depending on reading level. Mrs. Foster expects to do several school presentations during 2007.

“This is a wonderful book for grandparents to give – and read – with their grandchildren, since so many of the car’s ‘experiences’ will trigger their own memories,” said Foster.

This will be Feather Schwartz Foster’s third appearance at the Union Township Active Retirees Club. Previously, she discussed “LADIES: A Conjecture of Personalities” and “Garfield’s Train.” “T: An Auto-Biography” is her first children’s book.

“T: An Auto-Biography” is 80-pages, published by Red Engine Press, and will be available online after January, 2007. Copies are expected to be available in bookstores in late spring. It will retail for $9.95. Prepublication autographed copies are available through the author’s webpage at

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