Second Novel by R. Gayle Hawkins Available Pre-Order Through Amazon

R. Gayle Hawkins second novel, “The Strive for Life and Love,” is available through Amazon. The novel will not release until October 30, but Amazon offers pre-order.

Damascus, VA, August 10, 2015 –(– R. Gayle Hawkins’ second novel, “The Strive for Life and Love,” is set to release October 30. Fans are able to purchase the new novel now by pre-ordering with Amazon.

“The Strive for Life and Love” tells the story of Nicholas Blackstone. After losing his brother to death and sister to marriage, Nicholas finds himself wealthy and alone in France. His daily actions are minimal compared to the life he once lived. He acquired friends and a lover, but he feels something else is missing.

Upon meeting Christine Cardone, he believes she is the object missing from his life. He attempts to set his life straight and court Christine, but many obstacles stand in his way. And, once he deals with the obstacles, he still needs to gain the courage to ask her father. After robbing a king of his previous country, he knows he must keep his past hidden and that the man shall ask him of it.

The novel is a spinoff of “With Loyalty Came Love,” which features Nicholas’ sister and Samuel Rothchild. The genre of the novel is romance and romantic comedy.
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