Security Life Insurance Company of America Announces Agent Sales Incentive Program

Security Life Insurance Company of America, a leader in the ancillary benefits market, has launched a new incentive bonus program for agents to earn more than ever before. The Agent Incentive Program provides bonuses on top of standard commissions for Premier Choice and GemStar group insurance sales.
“We understand the importance of our distribution partners and are thrilled we get the chance to show our appreciation for outstanding sales efforts through our new Agent Incentive Program.” said Mark Zesbaugh, CEO of Security Life.
The program will pay out bonuses, in addition to standard commissions, for sold cases with an effective date of July 1, 2015 through December 31, 2016. As sales are accumulated during the promotion, agents qualify for one of four tiers with bonuses that range from four to seven percent. Both sold cases or premium plus sold cases can contribute to an agent’s standing, making this program accessible for all agents, regardless of their business model.
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About Security Life Insurance Company of America
Security Life specializes in the ancillary benefits market, providing dental, vision, disability and life insurance products and services to consumers and employer groups. In close relationships with its distribution network of general agencies and strategic partners, Security Life is concentrated in individual insurance and small-to-mid size employer group business. Security Life has products available to market in 50 states (in conjunction with Security Heath Insurance Company of America, New York, Inc.).
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