SeizAlarm Seizure Help Request Application Now Available on the Apple App Store

Now available, the iPhone and Apple Watch app SeizAlarm offers those with epilepsy and other seizure disorders the ability to quickly request help from emergency contacts. Users are also able to keep a journal of seizure activity with the built in seizure log that allows for detailed descriptions to be recorded for future reference.

Orlando, FL, April 23, 2015 –(– With SeizAlarm there are two ways to request help. One is to request help immediately and the other is a “Seizure Warning” feature for those that frequently have auras (simple-partial seizures) that don’t always lead to a convulsive grand mal seizure. The “Seizure Warning” allows the user to start a time delayed help request. Once initiated, a timer counts down the customizable delay and the user is able to extend the time on the timer if needed. If the request isn’t ended manually then a help request is sent to the user’s emergency contacts. This is helpful if the user becomes unresponsive due to a seizure. So, the user can initiate the request and not worry about contacting someone. When a help request is sent to the user’s emergency contacts they will receive a text, email and a phone call notifying them about the request. The user’s GPS coordinates will also be sent so they know exactly where the user is located.

“As an epileptic myself, I wanted to create an app that I could use to request help if I need it. Having this functionality brings me peace of mind and helps me feel more secure in my independence,” said Greg Pabst, Co-Founder of SeizAlarm.

SeizAlarm is available free in the app store with free help request service for a limited time. In the near future, SeizAlarm will also offer seizure-like motion detection via the iPhone. This will allow for seizure help requests to be automatically sent upon the onset of an unexpected convulsive seizure.

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SeizAlarm is developed by SeizAlarm, LLC which was co-founded by Greg Pabst and Bryan Heitman.
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