Serialized Novel’s Time Has Come — Shades of Dickens and Cinderella with a Modern, Digital Twist

Dec. 6, 2006 – One Shoe Diaries talks to the masses as the Dickesonian serials did but 21st Century style, by reaching readers online. The novel itself speaks of love, loss, and the longing for connection in the most unlikely of places in the lost shoes themselves, like a heart they beat, a beat the main character, Brad can’t ignore and neither with readers of the One Shoe Diaries.

Author Julie Ann Shapiro reports, “I’m excited to be following the path of Charles Dickens by offering a serialized novel.” Delivering serialized novels digitally is a new twist on a popular way of offering novels that dates back to the 19th century as popularized with Charles Dickens. These forms of novels were popular with factory workers and were the video game and TV of their day.

While books were serialized in the Dickens era, modern technology makes the process even easier and more efficient than ever. There’s no need to worry about a book selling out, being unavailable at your favorite book shop or planning the time to run by and buy it when it comes out. This is why serialized novels time has come,

The new serializing trend in novels is catching the attention of leading media outlets, along with innovative and traditional publishers. The Wall Street Journal’s article, Boundless Possibilities, dated September 11, 2006 cites, “As ‘networked’ books start to appear, consumers, publishers and authors get a glimpse of publishing to come.” While this is true, many publishers are just starting to test this medium. The Wall Street Journal further stated that Farrar, Straus & Giroux, a publishing imprint of Germany’s Verlagsgruppe Georg von Holtzbrinck GmbH, has posted several new pages of Robert Frenay’s “Pulse: The Coming Age of Systems and Machines Inspired by Living Things” at seven
days a week since April 10. Unbridled Books, another book publisher is also serializing the novel, Golem Solem. They’re offering the novel chapter by chapter to subscribers between early May and November prior to the print

Pulp Bits http://www,, an electronic independent press, will be offering Julie Ann Shapiro’s novel, One Shoe Diaries, as a serialized novel beginning in January of 2007, with continual monthly installments throughout the year. Through out the succeeding months readers may also purchase prior installments along with the current installment running during the month.

About One Shoe Diaries
Everyone has seen one lost shoe on the side of the road. After experiencing The One Shoe Diaries, you will wonder about its untold story. Brad Lynberry is trapped by the words of Jen-Zen, the woman he loved. Torn by grief, Brad is drawn to her poetic legacy. Haunted by the memory of Jen-Zen, Brad, a
successful photographer, finds himself first fascinated then obsessed with
shoes – but only lost shoes!

Is Brad haunted, driven by artistic inspiration, or is he going off the deep
end, like his sister Leanne fears? The answer comes through encounters with
his Grandma who loves birds …a shaman named Red Hawk who tells him to look
in the shadows, and Jonathan the art collector who leads him to Swansea
where lost shoes keep popping up in a display of whimsy. Time is running
out. Brad must unravel Jen-Zen’s poetic riddles or go mad trying.

About Julie Ann Shapiro
Julie Ann Shapiro is a freelance writer, novelist and short story author. She has over thirty published short stories including the story collection, Flashes of the Other World offered by Pulp Bits. Julie’s novels are represented by TriadaUS

Published short stories/essays have appeared in the San Diego Union Tribune,
North County Times, Los Angeles Journal, Pindeldyboz, Sacred Waters/Fire:
(Adams Media 2005), Story South, Word Riot, Opium Magazine, Insolent Rudder,
Elimae, Cezzane’s Carrots, ISM Quarterly, Mad Hatters Review, Spoiled Ink,
Void, Footsteps to Oxford, Cellar Door Magazine, Edifice Wrecked, Espresso Fiction, Non-Euclidian Cafe and other magazines.

For more information about One Shoe Diaries, contact Julie Ann Shapiro,
(858) 779-9174,, or
view an excerpt of the first serialized installment in January 2007 at

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