“Set it and Forget it” Financial Software Creates New Kind of Home Business.

Dec. 25, 2006 – The Foreign Currency Exchange Market, more commonly known as, the “FOREX”, is where a small, innovative software developer out of Las Vegas, Nevada, has come up with an unique, highly specialized proprietary software that allows individuals to potentially claim their share of profits from the FOREX market, with no prior experience, or even understanding how it works. Just, “set it and forget it”, some of their users claim.

It was only a few short years ago, the FOREX, was only known to jet-setters, the rich, the famous, top executives, and… of course Wall Street powerbrokers, who made tens, even hundreds of thousands of dollars in income from it annually.

The software, and access to it, is marketed through Independent Representatives through websites such as, www.ForexIncomePlan.com, and is now starting to gain the attention of your average ordinary white, and blue collar worker here in United States and abroad, in part, due to the simplicity of use and the minor amount of time involved with the process of getting set up.

Whether young or old, professional, factory worker, or a single-mom, this highly-innovative software, allows them to become equal participants in this lucrative financial market, with no major disadvantages.

According to the developers, the buying and selling of international currencies with their program is quite simple, and there are no graphs, no charts or having to acquire sophisticated technical skills in order to be successful with their program.

They claim it is so simple, that they have coined their own catch all phrase regarding it, “Set it, and Forget it”. Once the trades that you have placed into the market have reached a certain range of profitability, the system can be set to send you either an e-mail, or a notification to your cell phone.

Many who have used the software, claimed that with consistent use, in less than 20 minutes per week, they have earned hundreds to thousands of dollars in what, even most skeptics would say, is a very profitable home based business.

“Don’t believe it, try it for yourself”, proponents of the software say. The company is now offering a completely free demo account, www.ForexIncomePlan.com, for individuals to test their “Set it and Forget it” software program. Within a few minutes, a free demo account can be set up. No tricks, no gimmicks, and fully operational for 15 days.

As a final note: Though investing in any financial market does not come without risk of loss, those that we have spoken with, who consistently use the software are saying, what makes this opportunity so unusual is, “it does not matter, whether the currency markets are moving up, or down, you always have an excellent chance of still being profitable”.

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