Shawn Fox, CPA/ABV, CFA, ASA, Managing Director, Willamette Management Associates to Speak at KC’s Event

New York, NY, May 03, 2015 –(– The Knowledge Group/The Knowledge Congress Live Webcast Series, the leading producer of regulatory focused webcasts, has announced today that Shawn Fox, CPA/ABV, CFA, ASA, Managing Director, Willamette Management Associates will speak at the Knowledge Congress’ webcast entitled: “Best Practices in Dealing with Disputes and Litigation in a Limited Liability Company (LLC) in 2015 Live Webcast.” This event is scheduled for Monday, June 22, 2015 @ 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM ET.

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About Shawn Fox
Shawn Fox is a managing director with Willamette Management Associates. He has nearly 20 years of accounting and consulting experience. As a certified public accountant, Shawn provides dispute advisory and litigation services, fraud and forensic accounting investigative services, and valuation services to organizations and their counsel. He directs forensic investigations and analysis across a wide range of areas, including complex damages, lost profits, intellectual property infringement, and bankruptcy litigation, as well as valuation and insurance coverage disputes. Shawn also leads investigations on financial restatements and financial reporting fraud, regulatory investigations, assessing fraud risk, corporate investigations, employee misconduct, and whistleblower matters.

With significant experience in the preparation of expert reports, Shawn assists clients in all phases of litigation, including case assessments, discovery, document review, damages analysis, and demonstrative exhibits. He has testified in various different matters at deposition, trial, and arbitration as an expert and has served as a court-appointed receiver. Shawn has been qualified as an expert witness in federal district and bankruptcy courts and state courts across the U.S. He has testified on approximately 35 cases at deposition, trial, and/or arbitration hearing.

Prior to joining Willamette Management Associates, he was the Partner-in-Charge of McGladrey LLP’s litigation and investigation consulting services practices for the Central Region and a Managing Director of BDO’s litigation and dispute resolution practice in Chicago.

About Willamette Management Associates
Willamette Management Associates is focused on three areas, including (1) forensic analysis and expert testimony; (2) valuations of businesses, ownership interests, and intellectual property assets; and (3) fairness opinions. Willamette’s leadership team has testified on hundreds of different litigation matters involving damages and valuation issues in federal and state courts.

Willamette’s professional services include: business valuation, intellectual property valuation and royalty rate analysis, forensic accounting investigations, transaction fairness opinions and solvency opinions, lost profits and economic damages analysis, unjust enrichment, insurance claims, not-for-profit entity valuation and private investment opinions, transaction financial adviser and due diligence services, and ESOP valuation and adequate consideration opinions.

Event Synopsis:

The Limited Liability Company (LLC) is a legal entity that combines the advantages of a partnership and a corporation. However, in contrast to members of a partnership, those of a LLC normally are not liable for business debts, and unlike a corporation, they avoid ‘double taxation’ – taxation of profits of the business and of personal income of owners.

However, disputes often ensue among owners of LLCs. Operating agreements address member’s rights, responsibilities, and any remedies. But, in their absence, members are governed by Uniform Limited Liability Company Acts of states. Alternative dispute resolution may be a good option to resolve certain disputes; as is mediation or arbitration. However and ideally, such dispute resolution methods should be stipulated and specifically addressed in an operating agreement.

LLC litigation is among the most complex and can have such far reaching consequences. Often, these cases require highly skilled attorneys undertaking assessment of business valuations, forensic accounting, and extensive document discovery and depositions. Therefore, it is important that owners have a well-drafted operating agreement and shareholder’s agreements for corporations and partnership agreements for partnerships.

In this two hour, live webcast, a panel of key thought leaders organized by The Knowledge Group will provide an overview of the latest trends and Best Practices in Dealing with Disputes and Litigation in a Limited Liability Company. Speakers will also offer in-depth discussions of risk and compliance issues surrounding this topic.
Some of the major topics that will be covered in this course are:

· Limited Liability Company – An Overview
· Limited Liability Company Operating Agreements
· Limited Liability Company Disputes and Litigation
· Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)
· Common Limited Liability Company Violations
· Tax Requirements and Regulations
· Liabilities and Obligations of Limited Liability Company Members
· Best Compliance Practices
· Compliance and Litigation Risks
· Importance of Addressing Deadlock Scenarios and Dissolution

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