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Nov. 16, 2006 – In an announcement made yesterday, released information on the upcoming addition of Phoenix Arizona. It has been rumored that plans for Tucson had been discussed favoring removal from the company’s site in favor of a more robust market; however, discussions regarding that it had been the city of inception and therefore justified a position seemed to prevail. Edmond McGuyer, the founder of, has always been in favor of Tucson, but readily agrees that the concept was created with metropolitan cities being the catalyst and primary beneficiary… “Phoenix makes perfect sense as the next in transition: it is 90 miles from Tucson and we now have the 2nd, 4th, and 6th largest cities in the country.”

Today, the management at ShopFromHomepage decided to go one step further and announce plans for its first city outside of the United States. Expansion plans have always pointed towards cities in other countries; however, a move this early in the company’s development has admittedly caught several people by surprise. “Again, a move to the United Kingdom just makes sense. The exchange rate currently favors British interests and this is an opportunity for the beginning of global participation. Manchester will have the same benefits as those in the US; however, companies that provide services via the internet to the States will receive 4 locations for the price of 3: not to mention the added financial gain from the strength of the Pound.

The premise of ShopFromHomepage has been the utilization of location: that is still available; however, few if any are expected to locate downtown, so that area is open to any business from anywhere and should be viewed as premium real estate because of the visual impact. Locations at the very top and especially top left are premium locations for any business: visitors to the site read from the upper left hand corner and move right. These are 2 prime examples that should be utilized by any internet business serious about making inroads in the market.

“The whole concept of the web is that you think global and act local,” reiterated Edmond McGuyer in an impromptu conference for the Press. “Manchester is the UK’s most vibrant city outside London; it has a population of 8.5 million people and its business density and acumen rivals London’s. For us it is a great place to be and we are looking forward to providing British business with a foothold into the States.”

Promotion of ShopFromHomepage in the UK is being handled by Amerland Enterprises who will be undertaking a huge publicity wave to capitalize on the increase of internet advertising uptake by British business. “If you are in the tourist industry or the services market makes perfect sense: for any British business,” said a spokesman for the company. “Our British representation is expected to be the first step towards further expansion not just in the UK but also in Europe.”

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