Sir Lex Luthor is taking over the web blog

Nov. 23, 2006 – The world is never enough for a man of Luthor’s stature. Sir Lex Luthor, once presumed gone forever, is back with a vengeance and ready to take over the web one blog at a time just as his alter ego is taking over the web one city at a time.

So what is all this really about?

Dr Blogstein started it all by unleashing upon an unsuspecting web the persona of Lex, long laid dormant in the meek exterior of ShopFromHomepage founder and president, Edmond McGuyer. “It’s like something clicked,” says Edmond trying to explain the inexplicable, “suddenly I was not myself any more and all those who were slow to see the potential of were in the cross hairs of Lex Luthor’s and now, Sir Lex Luthor’s rage.”

Tucson, for example, the city that Edmond honoured by making it the first one to have a map in was almost excised overnight at the flick of a switch, “Yes, Sir Lex Luthor has that kind of power,” confirmed Edmond.

Tucson was saved thanks to Edmond’s timely intervention and is now still enjoying exposure and advertising benefits.

“We’ve added Manchester UK to the list and are now planning to grow,” explains Edmond about What he cannot adequately explain is the blogging explosion of Sir Lex Luthor’s appeal on the web.

With bloggers tuning in to see what’s happening on an almost daily basis Sir Lex Luthor has become a web celebrity whose stature far outweighs anything he enjoyed before. “People just like talking to an evil mastermind,” says Edmond, “particularly someone who seems intent on taking over the web blog.”

So where is it going to stop? Is it going to stop?

Will there be an end at any time? Anywhere?

Tough questions. Perhaps some answer will be found in Dr Blogstein’s interview with Edmond, the man who provides the platform Sir Lex Luthor needs.

Dr Blogstein has made a reputation for himself in the web of blogs for shooting from the hip and being the first to uncover the literary prodigy known as Father Felony aka Randall Radic. “An interview with the man who unleashed Lex Luthor will have interesting ramifications,” says Edmond McGuyer.

— End —