SISTERS by Henry Brown is published

Dec. 14, 2006 – January isn’t yet old enough and her powers as a Sister are weak.

Not only has another Sister been found dead – her parents have grounded her, preventing her from joining the fight. But January is as tough as they come and her powers are growing as fast as her wings.

So a four foot tall Sister with friends like a giant Dog, and her Grandmother, who processes the most amazing (and terrifying) explosive talents, are going to meet the gangs of vicious Scrabs that are responsible, head on.

How else can she overthrow their evil leader and her murderous Brother, who has sworn never to rest until ‘EVERY SISTER IS DEAD’?

About the Author: Henry Brown lives on a small holding in rural Northumberland and runs an Interior Design practice. He dreams of giving up the rat race to write full-time.

Excerpt from the book:
“He tightened his arm around Ebony’s neck.
‘Now make yourself scarce before I snap her neck like a twig.’
Arrow crossed his arms, cocking his head to one side.
‘Do you like dogs?’ he asked matter of factly.
‘What?’ shouted Golly becoming very flustered.
‘I said…do you like dogs?’ Arrow asked a second time. Golly squinted at Arrow.
‘If you aren’t out of my sight in ten seconds I’ll…’ But Golly couldn’t finish. Star had crept up behind him and he had the whole of Golly’s head in his mouth. Arrow laughed to himself as he heard Golly’s muffled whimpering. Ebony ran to Martha, then to Sapphire who was already sat upright rubbing her forehead, her hands covered in blood. Arrow walked up close to Star.
‘If you don’t keep still he’ll close his teeth,’ he shouted.”
—- END

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Author: Henry Brown

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