Slowing Down And Reversing The Aging Process Is Now Possible!

Dec. 18, 2006 – West Chicago, Illinois – December, 18 2006 – America is facing a health crisis that is affecting all segments of the population. Some would blame the government for not providing universal and affordable health care coverage. Some would blame the pharmaceutical industry for making the price of prescription drugs too expensive. Some would blame the health care industry for their managed approach to patient care. And, some would blame the food industry for not providing healthy choices at all levels of consumption. Although all could argue their particular case, they are not the cause of the looming health care crisis we are facing.

Our food choices are to blame. Most of the health related issues we face like diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer, obesity, osteoporosis, premature aging and Alzheimer’s are predominately a reaction to what we eat and what our bodies absorb from the food we eat. Scientists have clearly linked food and nutrition to life expectancy, skin health, aging, body functions, virility and all of the most common diseases we face. Whether we like it or not, we need to take personal responsibility for our food choices. This means that we also need to take personal responsibility to educate ourselves on what we can do to make the choices that will positively impact our health and the health of those we care for. There is a wealth of information that contains the keys to helping people regain their body’s ability to stay healthy. The problem is how do you put it all together in a way that makes sense and is easily understood. Finally, there is a website that is designed to help people do exactly that. Dan Hammer’s Aging No More Newsletter and website provides people with the information they need in bite-size, easy-to-understand daily emails. Emails that will help each person build their own anti-aging program.

Knowledge is power when used properly. And, the knowledge each individual will gain from these daily emails will help power their body’s ability to defend itself against the anticipated health crisis in America. Take action by learning how to take control of your food choices. Dan Hammer’s Aging No More Newsletter will help you discover all the opportunities that are out there to help you realize your health and wellness goals today!

Dan Hammer has a background in biology, chemistry and exercise physiology. He used to run one of the largest health club operations in the Chicagoland area and has been helping people with their wellness issues for more than 25 years.

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