SMI Creations launches new Quality Dinnerware Blank site.

Dec. 4, 2006 – The Yamago Company of Japan, along with their decorating facility, Golden States Porcelain in the U.S. has been synonymous with the highest quality porcelain dinnerware in the world for 130 years. They were doing much of the decorating for Wedgewood, Fitz & Floyd, Royal Dalton, Gucci, Ralph Lauren, etc.

With the stock market downturns of 2002-3, the high end buyer was taken out of the market. By December 2003 Yamago went bankrupt, soon followed by Golden State Porcelain in April 2004. At that time SMI Creations, Ltd. purchased all of the undecorated ware left in the plant. Soon ten fifty-five foot trailers of blank ware were received at our plant in Colorado.

These were the LAST OF THE YAMAGO INVENTORY, all 225,000 pieces. After 2 years the entire inventory has been carefully sorted by style, shape and color glaze, inventoried, photographed and are now presented to you on this web site for the first time. This is your opportunity to purchase top quality, world class porcelain dinnerware at rock bottom prices.

— End —