So. Calif: Consider It Done! errand/concierge/cleaning service comes to the recue!

Nov. 20, 2006 – Your busy-ness is our business!

People find they’re too busy / tired to do it all.
“Time is money”. It’s the currency we spend, at the rate of 1440 minutes every day.
Must time management be stressful?
Are you in crisis, with another holiday season approaching?
Do you wish there were two of you? Are you struggling to accomplish tasks all weekend, wishing you had a few minutes of personal time?
You’re not alone.
What is the answer in today’s busy world?

Personal solutions:
More than an “errand service”, we’re a lifestyle management company, simplifying lives in a complicated world. We work closely with individuals to provide personalized service. Our clients’ satisfaction is our reward. We take care of details, removing stress out of your day. We show you how to achieve the work/life balance you’re seeking. We teach you to delegate effectively, guilt free.

Give us your to do list, knowing our expert staff is crossing the items off. We free up your time, easing the day so you can seize the day.

How valuable is your time? Is it worth gift shopping for hours, taking the car to be serviced or the dog to the groomer, picking up prescriptions while you could be exercising, traveling, gardening? How would it feel to come home to a sparkling clean home, the groceries bought and organized, forgotten lunches dropped at school, while you work?
How would going to the movies, spending time with family, golfing, or relaxing feel? How could doing the things you really want to do change your life?
Corporate solutions:
There’s a measurable advantage to retaining, not replacing excellent employees. Rewarding employees with errand services increases morale, loyalty, and productivity.
The concierge industry is growing astronomically, especially in the workplace.
75% of employees take care of personal responsibilities while working.
53% would opt for an assistant vs. a personal trainer.
At Consider It Done! we’re certain that within 5 years concierge services will be offered as a standard hiring benefit. Many corporations already think this way, with 39% of Fortune Magazine’s 100 Best Companies To Work For offering errand services.
Concierges plan office parties, deliver supplies, dry cleaning, meals, paperwork, expedite employee relocation, shop, organize desks, make travel arrangements, and much more.
Why does my company need Consider It Done!
-Less stress in the workplace and personal lives
– Added retention and increase in productivity
– Give you the edge over your competition
-Unswerving employee loyalty

We’d love to meet with you at your convenience. We’ll work closely with you to offer you & your employees the best-individualized service. We ease the day so you can seize the day!

Want to learn more?
Call Sherri, our founder at (562) 697-0030 to see how we value YOUR time.

Just a few of the wonderful services we offer our valued clients are:

– Automobile Renewal/DMV
– Mobile notary
– House/office/carpet cleaning/window washing
– Jewelry/Shoe Repair Drop off/Pick up
– Banking (Deposits, Change, Statements)
– Lunch/Dinner Delivery
– Bill Paying
– Buy/Deliver Flowers
– Office/Home Organization
– Car Services (car wash, oil change, repairs)
– Party/Function Planning
– Pay Traffic Citations
– Courier/Messenger Services
– Pet Sitting/House Sitting/People Sitting
– Drop off forgotten homework, lunches, cupcakes, misc. other items at children’s school
– Pet Taxi
– Drug Store Runs (Rx & other)
– Pick up/Deliver Office Supplies/Breakfast/Lunch/Coffee/Meeting supplies
– Dry Cleaning Pick Up/Delivery
– Pick up/Drop off Movie Rentals
– Film Drop off/Pick up
– Pick up/Drop off people (Dr./Airports, etc.)
– Garage Sale Help
– Post Office Runs
– Gift Baskets
– Return Library Books
– Gift or Personal Shopping/Gift baskets
– Schedule Appointments
– Gift Wrapping
– Service Man/Delivery waiting
– Grocery Shopping
– Telephoning
– Trip planning
– Wedding planning assistance
– New Mom assistance
– Temporary Office Help
– Information Gathering/Computer Research
– Thank you/invitation writing

If you need any services not listed here, feel free to make a request, and let us make it happen for you! Now you’ll have plenty of time to do what you love to do while we take care of those pesky errands you only have time for on weekends.
We want to be at your beck and call for whatever comes up that you just can’t work into your busy schedule. We know you’ll love this personal service geared to your busy lifestyle.

We offer a variety of discounts, customized packages and gift certificates.
For more information, you can call Sherri Durbin, Company Founder at (562)-697-0030. You have nothing to lose but more time! Call today!

Consider It Done!
The premier Corporate/Personal Errand/Concierge/Cleaning Service Serving OC/LA
(562) 697-0030

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