Software Company Anahata Offers Services to Melbourne’s Transportation Equipment Industry

Anahata is a privately owned company that specializes in the examination, plan, application and support of affordable tailor-made applications.
The transportation equipment industry is dependent on the state of the economy and is favored by economic growth. This results in increase in demand for the products and services within the sector. It is necessary to ensure that production, stock control and delivery is maintained at the optimum levels. Current ICT solutions used by companies in the industry are prone to breakdowns and costly to maintain. The standard application is pricey and can only be acquired by large scale enterprises in the industry. Anahata Software Development Company has ventured into the market to offer transportation equipment software that is affordable and reliable. The small and medium scale enterprises are now able to use this application and remain competitive in a highly demanding environment.
Anahata uses a versatile customer-focused approach in delivering customized software. It deploys its business analysts and developers to partner with clients in collecting information and analyzing current processes in order to develop a customized software solution. In effect business productivity is improved while taking care of the customer’s needs.
The application is tested through a continuous integration process during software development Melbourne. Once the process is complete, staff are trained to bring them up to speed with the workings of the new application.
Quality control is the main objective of Anahata. This is achieved through a combination of tolls and process involving clients in the development process. It defines the process of development through the prioritization of tasks and iterations.
Anahata delivers cross-platform solutions using open source technology and open standards. This results in security, compatibility and stability in the software application. It also results in the reduction of ongoing and upfront licensing fees.
The firm’s cross-platform vendor offerings provide solutions for the Mac platform that are easily incorporated with current Mac applications. Anahata has gained experience in developing patient record management systems that run on the Mac platform and are merged with medical custom software Perth and Melbourne such as Genie.
The software developer has also partnered with various local companies to supply integrated turnkey solutions like RFID scanning, mobility and barcode printing among other technologies.
Anahata supplies custom software solutions based on Oracle Technology. As an Oracle Certified Partner, the firm employs Oracle Database, MySQL, Java Enterprise Edition and Java. The Melbourne software company has gained certification as an MYOB developed partner and provides tailor-made ICT solutions that are seamlessly integrated with all MYOB software packages.
Experience in custom software development of cross-platform technologies has given Anahata the ability to venture into embedded device development. The firm delivers embedded applications that operate on low resources using ARM processors and Intel Atom devices. Such devices are capable of connecting to Ethernet, USB and CAN by the use of external sensors.
The development of the latest technologies by Anahata is done by utilizing manual code and web based review processes in addition to thorough tests. Integration testing ensures that clients receive software that meets their expectations.
After delivery of the customized software, the firm partners with its customers in promotion of the customer’s business operations or developed application. Anahata offers value added services pertaining to email marketing, content writing, search engine optimization in the form of digital media.
The company provides a three month warranty and offers support to user through unlimited email and phone consultation. An online issue management and task system can be accessed by customers to make requests for enhancements or file any complaints about system bugs and errors while the customized ICT solution is being developed and tested.
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About Anahata Technologies Pty Ltd
Founded in Western Australia in 2010 by Pablo Rodriguez Pina, Anahata Technologies Pty Ltd is an Australian privately owned software development company with presence in Perth and Melbourne specializing in the analysis, design, implementation and support of cost-effective, custom built software applications.
Anahata’s preferred delivery approach is an iterative, agile, customer centric software development process where business analysts and developers work with the customers to gather requirements and an understanding of the current business processes, and to design and deliver a software solution that not only meets the business’s needs, but also is desgiend to improve business productivity.
Anahata’s preferred technological choice is to deliver cross-platform solutions based on open standards and open source technology that ensure stability, compatibility, and security over a long application lifespan. This enables a reduction in upfront and ongoing licensing fees.
Anahata is an Oracle Certified Partner and delivers custom software solutions based on Oracle Technology, such as Java, Java Enterprise Edition, MySQL or Oracle Database. The Australian software company is a certified MYOB developer partner providing Custom Software solutions that can integrate seamlessly with any MYOB software package such as MYOB AccountRight desktop or MYOB AccountRight Live (cloud).
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