Solar Farm Company Announces New Investor Partnership Program

Innovative Solar Systems, LLC has just rolled out a new partnership program for individuals or entities that desire to become limited partners in one or many of the company’s early stage large scale solar farm projects. ISS has quickly become one of the largest developers of utility scale solar farm projects here in the United States and has recently expanded throughout the entire South Eastern United States. The company’s new partnership program allows ISS to develop more large scale solar projects nationwide while also allowing investors of all types to become limited partners in these exciting new solar farm projects.
A potential investor or financial partner would buy a one third interest in an ISS solar farm project for as little as $250,000 during the early stage project planning and filing for approvals. Both ISS and the 1/3 partner would then sell 100% of the membership interest rights in the given project once the project was shovel ready and nearing financing and construction. This type of financial arrangement or partnership can yield the investor a sizable return in as little as 12 to 18 months. ISS has been a pioneer when it comes to developing large portfolios of solar farm projects here in the United States and this new approach to partnering will allow the company to develop far more solar farm projects in more states faster.
Innovative Solar Systems, LLC has over one gigawatt of solar farm projects currently in development stages in six solar friendly states and will expand to as many as six more key states after the company’s planned merger this year and capital raise. For Investor relations or to learn more about this new solar farm partnership program please give John E. Green, CEO of Innovative Solar Systems, LLC a call today at (828)-215-9064.