Solar Power Batteries Renewed By Battery Life Saver

Dec. 3, 2006 – For many years, Solar Power users have tried to desulfate batteries to increase battery life. Results from desulfators have been limited and at best, hard to measure. A new product, BATTERY LIFE SAVER, uses a revolutionary Wave² Restoration Technology™ which has the power and variability to completely dissolve lead sulfate on battery plates — the chief reason batteries fail. Other devices don’t hit all the necessary frequencies with enough power to dissolve all the lead sulfate crystals. Wave² Restoration Technology™ does.

One dealer who tested BATTERY LIFE SAVER over a two month period kept graphs of his results. He found from the graphs that after two months one bank that he thought he would have replace was working to well, he decided to keep it.. “This is the tightest and best set of readings I have EVER had on this bank of batteries,” reported the dealer, “and that includes when it was brand new.”

BATTERY LIFE SAVER measurably enhances renewable energy systems. It can be used to recondition a totally dead battery, but its best use is hooked up to the battery continually to prevent any lead sulfate buildup. BATTERY LIFE SAVER is distributed by Alternative Energy Engineering (800) 777-6609 and Backwoods Solar Electric Systems, Inc. (208) 265-4788. You can also learn more about the product by going to

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