Solstice Health Creates a Paradigm Shift in Health Care Delivery for Wisconsin

Solstice Health is a privately-owned, insurance-free Direct Primary Care, Wellness, and Regenerative medical clinic, founded in 2012 by Timothy J. Murray, M.D. Concerned about the future of health care, rising costs, and substandard patient care and attention, his goal and focus is to provide quality, affordable, and accessible medical care within local communities and businesses.
The health care industry is broken, and everyone knows it. The fact that health is treated as an “industry”, proves that it has become much more about successful business than providing quality care. Through his work as a Board Certified anesthesiologist and urgent care/emergency room physician, Dr. Murray has seen just how dysfunctional the health system is. As a result of years of experience, he has recognized a critical need for preventive and regenerative care focused on making you well. Contrary to the traditional system and by integrating a holistic and focused approach, he understands that “cure” (not “treat”) is possible. By refusing to take insurance, he has not only removed all of the additional middlemen and bureaucracy that negatively affect care, but has also eliminated a tremendous amount of overhead thereby returning savings to patients and businesses.
Direct Primary Care is not insurance. It is an age-based, monthly membership style, direct primary care service. With unlimited visits, no copays, and no deductibles, patients are guaranteed to get the time and attention they deserve. By eliminating insurance companies and hospital groups, Solstice Health is available when patients need care. This allows for same day or next day appointments as well as phone, email, or virtual visits. Within this model, members have access to wholesale labs, pharmaceuticals, and imaging, creating a greater than 80-90% savings. For example, a cholesterol test costs $2.84 and a MRI $400, compared to the traditional insurance driven system at over $100.00 and $2,800.00 respectively. For less than a monthly cell phone bill, the highest quality medical care is possible. Combined with a catastrophic “wrap-around” insurance plan or a high deductible, low premium health plan, the Solstice Health Direct Primary Care model not only saves patients and businesses money, but also satisfies the Affordable Care Act mandate.
A critical benefit to eliminating insurance and hospital groups is transparency and flexibility. Solstice Health offers alternative treatment modalities and programs that are unavailable in the traditional model, which promote true healing, wellness, and preventive care. This allows a focus on comprehensive, personalized, annual wellness plans that improve health, well-being, and productivity, benefiting individuals and businesses alike. Flexibility is synonymous with mobility, facilitating Solstice Health to partner with employers for off-site services, as well as on-site clinics if desired. By adding additional affordable options and services including occupational medicine and physical therapy, the Solstice Health model creates a true health care delivery paradigm shift and savings for Wisconsin individuals and businesses.
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About Solstice Health
Established in 2012, Solstice Health was founded by Timothy J. Murray, M.D., whose vision to offer affordable quality, transparent, and convenient medical care, has created a paradigm shift in health care delivery for Wisconsin. Over the past few years, Solstice Health has successfully expanded services to include Direct Primary Care, Wisconsin’s Premier Medically Supervised Natural Weight Loss program, Stem Cell Therapy, IV Nutritional Therapy, and more. The company plans to open several new locations in SE Wisconsin, making this innovative model and cutting-edge therapies available to more communities and businesses.