Space Travel For The Holidays

Dec. 12, 2006 – The Universal Space Systems Space Adventurer Assessment/Report, and the latest information it has on the Space Tourism Industry, is the ultimate reference guide whether you will be taking a trip into space in the next few years or many years from now when the cost for such a trip becomes more affordable. From now until December 24, 2006, the Space Adventurer Assessment/Report special discount price is only $2,000.00 (USD), which is just a tiny fraction of the total cost for a space trip. This is $1,000 lower than the current lowest pre-release price, a 66% discount off the full price and you can take up to 1 year to pay!

No matter when a trip will be scheduled, you will always have current Space Tourism information with the Space Adventurer Assessment/Report because it will be constantly revised and released and you will be receiving these updates for life at absolutely no additional cost! Also, if you aren’t going to order a copy of the Space Adventurer Assessment/Report for yourself for the holidays, Gift Certificates are available.

More details about the “2006 Pre-release Holiday Sale” is posted on the Universal Space Systems Web site.

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About Universal Space Systems

Universal Space Systems LLC is a privately held corporation in the business of educating the public on commercial space travel while promoting and reporting on the Space Tourism Industry. The company is positioned to be both a “guide dog” and a “watch dog” for anyone interested in becoming a “Space Tourist” through its Space Adventurer Assessment/Report and by providing other custom consulting services. In addition, Universal Space Systems can provide Space Tourism consulting services to both companies seeking to enter the marketplace and to established companies already working in the Space Tourism Industry.

The goal of Universal Space Systems is to bring valuable, accurate information to the consumer (“Space Tourist”) so that informed, intelligent decisions about commercial sub-orbital and orbital space travel can be made in this dynamic environment. Universal Space Systems is committed to providing a level of service that will always put the needs of the consumer first while promoting the successful development of this fledgling industry.

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