Spellcasters Helps Bring Houdini Back From Dead!

Nov. 5, 2006 – SpellCasters Showcase, www.spellcasters.com, the premiere PPV VoD network for the Mobile/BB audience, announced this week that they will carry exclusive video coverage of the 2006 Annual Houdini Séance direct from Las Vegas. The video is accessible from the Magic menu on SpellCasters Showcase.

On Halloween, at precisely 1:26 p.m., the very moment of the Master Magician’s demise, prodigious prestidigitator and Las Vegas headliner Dixie Dooley hosted and conducted the 22nd annual “Las Vegas Houdini Séance”, along with a demonstration of spirit tricks used by bogus “psychics”. On display was some of Mr. Dooley’s priceless collection of Houdini memorabilia. The event has become a part of the traditional Las Vegas Halloween season.

SpellCasters will become the first and only Mobile/BB network to carry coverage of this special event, allowing fans from all over the globe to experience this Halloween treat! SpellCasters Showcase is the premiere source for magic in multi-platform broadcast, and as such has received a special invitation to cover this gala gathering, once again setting SpellCasters apart from other platforms and the viral dinosaurs.

SpellCasters Showcase is powered by Globix world-wide data centers, delivering smooth strong signal across the globe, and utilizes the security of Webpay’s Click & Buy international merchant services. Setting new standards in BB/Mobile video broadcast, SpellCasters continues growing in new directions, bringing the best in entertainment from across the planet to the modern audience.

SpellCasters Showcase is a turnkey multi-platform solution built around the needs of the content provider, offering complete platform services, from multi-format encoding to streaming, at no cost whatsoever to the provider. Paying the best PPV splits in the industry, SpellCasters assures the viewer that the majority of their PPV dollar is going to the artists who created the content, not a mega-corp search engine. SpellCasters Showcase welcomes submissions of new content from all over the world, information on submitting content can be found on their site, www.spellcasters.com, by clicking the Submit Vids link.

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