St. Louis Cancer & Breast Institute Named Winner of AMC Cancer Research Award

Dec. 6, 2006 – ST. LOUIS, MO– December 6, 2006 — The St. Louis Cancer & Breast Institute, a cancer treatment center offering medical and integrative services all under one roof, has been named the recipient of the 2006 Fran Lefrak-Brown Illuminator Award by the St. Louis Regional office of the AMC Cancer Research Center.

The award recognizes outstanding efforts by an individual or group that focuses public attention on breast cancer issues. Established in 1991 the Illuminator Award was renamed in memory of Fran Lefrak-Brown in 2002.

“Our entire staff is proud to receive this award in recognition of the service we provide to the St. Louis community and to the breast cancer community at large,” said Diane Radford, MD, a physician-partner. “Our goal will always be to provide excellent care, while making it easier for patients and their families to navigate the myriad medical experiences necessitated by their disease and its treatment.”

Keryn Shipman, local executive director of AMC and a breast cancer survivor, said, “No one is more deserving than these doctors. They have helped thousands of people diagnosed with breast cancer, two per cent of whom are men.”

The St. Louis Cancer & Breast Institute was established in 1999 by five like-minded physicians. Its goal was, and is, to provide an integrative team approach to patient care. This enables the Institute’s widely respected physicians to provide coordinated, multi-disciplinary therapy, beginning with integrated treatment planning through follow-up monitoring in a one-shop type setting. This philosophy also enables the Institute to personalize its focus while meeting the needs of patients and their families.

The Institute remains the only freestanding, non-affiliated cancer center in the St. Louis area. Headquartered in West St. Louis County, 450 N. New Ballas, with a second office in South City, 6435 Chippewa, it has treated thousands of patients, and has grown to include 10 physician partners and a staff over 60 employees. Services include medical oncology, surgical oncology, radiation oncology and integrative medicine. In addition to Dr. Radford, physician partners include Dr. Marlys Schuh, Dr. Susan Leudke, Dr. Delia Garcia, Dr. Rachel Borson, Dr. Mark Stutz, Dr. Michael Beat, Dr. Jovita Oruwari, Dr. Som Bandi, and Dr. Maggi Coplin. For additional information visit the St. Louis Cancer & Breast Institute web site, or call 877-CARE-345.

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