Starhome Awarded Patent for Intelligent Preferred Network Roaming Technology

Dec. 4, 2006 – Switzerland, 29th November 2006 – Starhome’s Intelligent Preferred Network solution enables Mobile Network Operators to direct their outbound roamers to preferred visited mobile networks by dynamically “steering” their handsets according to a wide range of parameters.

Starhome’s unique Service-Node architecture is a major component of Starhome’s patent, which allows Operators to manage the registration process of its subscribers as they roam in visited mobile networks. The value of Starhome’s Intelligent Preferred Network solution is that it allows Operators to implement Steering of Roaming (SoR), according to their specific business and technical preferences and priorities, such as: group alliances, coverage, traffic volumes, and Quality of Service (support for advanced services). Another key benefit of Starhome’s solution is that it provides Operators with a stronger position when negotiating IOT (Inter Operator Tariff) agreements with other Mobile Network Operators, to achieve better tariffs and improve their revenues.

“This patent substantiates our position as a leader in Steering of Roaming technology in particular, and as a leader in roaming and wireless technologies in general,” said Orly Nesher, VP of Marketing at Starhome. “Starhome is committed to continue its Steering of Roaming technology leadership, and is continuing to develop the next generation Intelligent Preferred Network solutions for new Convergence Technologies.”

The newly issued patent is a further milestone in Starhome’s extensive intellectual property portfolio, in which Starhome continuously invests significant resources. This portfolio includes, amongst others, registered patents, such as those related to Starhome’s Intelligent Call Assistant(R) solution and Starhome’s Virtual Home Environment solutions, as well as over 55 pending applications for Starhome’s technology and services in various jurisdictions worldwide.


About Starhome

Starhome is the leading provider of roaming solutions and technologies that enable Mobile Network Operators to maximize their roaming business potential. Starhome has pioneered the market of VAS for roamers and is the recognized driving force in the market today, offering a broad portfolio of roaming services with proven business value.

Starhome’s customer- and quality-oriented approach ensures telco-quality products, smooth implementation and professional support throughout the product lifecycle.

Starhome’s global footprint includes the world’s largest Mobile Network Operators and Operator Groups – together providing access to roaming service for more than 50% of roamers worldwide.

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