Start of Paris HUB Executive Education

Start of Paris HUB Executive Education (PHEE) as a key institution to develop skills and unlock potential with innovative professional education.

Paris, France, April 30, 2015 –(– Paris HUB today announces the start of Paris HUB Executive Education(PHEE), a full brand to manage education, training and knowledge management. PHEE will serve skills development worldwide with capabilities from Europe and particularly France. The strength of Paris HUB Executive Education is to deliver courses and seminars in a multi-language basis (English, French, among other languages) with recognized experts. The content and subjects are developed internally and jointly with top institutions over Europe and the World. The main topics will deliver insights and skills on Big Data, Digital, Technology, Finance & Economics, Development, Ethics, Organizational Leadership and Change Management.

“Paris HUB Executive Education is committed to deliver knowledge, spread the best know how to answer the continuous challenges that corporate, people and society face. We will be the right partner to promote competitive skills and knowledge access in our society and the raise of integrated economies, entrepreneurship and innovation over the world,” said Mehdi Khalfet, Executive Director at Paris HUB.

About Paris HUB: European enterprise registered in Paris, France. Paris HUB delivers strategic advisory and operating on international basis. Paris HUB SAS’s investor/developer in different sectors: Service, Fashion, Communication, Marketing, International trade, Education, Physical Trading sector. As the industry’s pace-setter, Paris HUB SAS is investing worldwide, in strategic projects, companies and operators.
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