Stay at Home Mom's Funny New YouTube Web Series "No Sleep Till 18" Portrays the Unglamorous Side of Parenting Missing in Entertainment

“Parenthood Is A Moterf@#*!>” the tagline of “No Sleep Till 18″ is the essence of Filmmaker/Mom Resmine Atis’ humorous YouTube web series, a fresh voice in entertainment.

Stay at Home Mom’s Funny New YouTube Web Series Los Angeles, CA, April 21, 2015 –(– Filmmaker/Mom Resmine Atis launches “No Sleep Till 18″ a weekly YouTube Web Series of :30 seconds to 2 minutes. A scripted series about the realities of parenting turned into comedic and captivating stories about her stay-at-home mom daily life; capturing moments of controlled chaos and showing the honest moments between perfection and parenting not seen in entertainment. The show is co-written by Atis’ friend and “super-nanny” co-star Georgea Brooks and filmed by another mom-friend: Katja Kulenkampff.

The YouTube series “No Sleep Till 18” gives a fresh and honest look to the subject of parenting, which has been washed over in most entertainment by showing moms with perfect makeup in perfectly composed and Photoshopped images. Atis introduces each episode by talking straight to the audience with an unglamorous and shoot from the hip attitude, which sets up the premise by asking a question. The answer plays out in unexpected, at times humorous, but always honest portrayals of the realities of parenthood.

“Most of my mom-friends without nanny’s laugh at the fact that there are times when we’ve all been wearing the same clothes for the last three days, because we haven’t found the time to do laundry — but we never see that on YouTube, blogs or mainstream entertainment. It’s not that we don’t have those perfect moments too, but a lot of parenting is unglamorous so we don’t get a full spectrum of what it’s really like. It’s a misrepresentation of parenting, and it downplays the workload faced by most parents,” added Atis.

Atis says, “We’re trying to keep the look of the YouTube show as raw and organic as we can, staying away from conventions of entertainment. Hence the disclaimer on the website: “Note to viewer: If you hear kids talking, screaming or interrupting, see editing issues, or typos, that’s because we’re real moms, with no help, trying to find some spare time to shoot. So if we can handle it, so can you.”

Yes it is entertainment, but Atis wants everyone to view a portrayal of parenting unplugged, see a little of themselves in the stories, and have a laugh at the same time. The YouTube web series will be broken into seasons and Atis plans to keep going as long as everyone is having fun… or at least till 18.

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