Stocking your Liquor Store with a Merchant Cash Advance

The liquor, wine, and beer industry is one that is growing in the United States. With the economy on the rise, people are celebrating more and kicking back with a drink — especially when it comes to the summer months. Liquor store businesses are not only in competition with each other, but directly competing with convenience stores, grocery stores, and other locations that may sell spirits. The industry is considered generally profitable, but with proper management of money coming in and going out.
Merchant Cash USA is here to help. The organization is revving up to take on new clients in conjunction with the company’s launch, and can supply beverage companies with a merchant cash advance. Merchant Cash USA has a more lenient criteria including if companies have mediocre credit, existing loans, or have been in business less than a year.
Unlike a traditional bank loan, consideration is given to a company’s size and payback abilities. If a company is a mom and pop run business, Merchant Cash USA knows daily payments need to be structured in a way that is suitable to one’s needs. Some bank loans require collateral such as housing or vehicles to qualify for a loan, or risk lofty penalties if late payments are made. With Merchant Cash USA no collateral is ever required. Funding is based purely on business performance.
About Merchant Cash USA
Merchant Cash USA was founded in 2015 to help businesses grow by obtaining the cash flow they need. The organization’s mission is to offer small to medium size business owners cash advances without the hassle of big bank requirements. Visit to find out more of follow us on social media. Facebook and Google Plus: Merchant Cash USA and Twitter: @merchcash.